The creation of content, phrases, slogans or quality leads is indispensable in a marketing and advertising setting because the achievement of objectives depends largely on this work. For this, in The Salmon Factor, we count on an expert, the creative writer experienced in sales messages and consciousness-raising.

If you need to outline a sales strategy, create you message or brand or carry out consciousness-awareness around some activity or initiative, get in touch with us and we will offer you the best conditions to compete in the complex scenario of advertising.


Augmented reality has been highlighted as one of the trends with the largest medium term growth, introducing itself into daily situations, beyond research or creative multimedia. The possibilities which it offers to the consumer market should be noted, being able to generate new experiences which leave a lasting memory and make it a great support system for marketing.

From the creation of catalogues for personalized shopping, e-commerce, exhibitions and events, etc, this technological concept takes us to a new space where innovation is the trigger for change, to enjoy our surroundings with new possibilities generating emotion and experience in torrents.


One of the most efficient ways of communicating is using storytelling techniques, forming a premeditated discourse around a brand or product which facilitates different perspectives with elements that reflect in daily life to achieve engagement.

On the other side, we also find the transmedia discussion on the increase, where the content is separated by platforms and channels, filling in all the stages between them to complete the story. This format opens itself even more to the interaction with users and followers, who can help to complete the unbeatable user experience, that is to say they would play an active part in the development of the brand, products or services.

Be it to obtain success in social media or to script launches, re-styling of products, or generating stories to capture followers, The Salmon Factor has the best professionals who always achieve an excellent result.


In The Salmon Factor we strongly believe that video is the ideal content to make yourself known. For this, we have the best team of professionals specialized in the development of creative and audio-visuals that achieve the objectives of our clients.

As much as for events as for made to measure productions to the elaboration of DVDs to multimedia or streaming of presentations, you just have to get in touch with us and we will elaborate a made to measure project with the best conditions in the market.


More than half of Internet traffic is taken up by videos, growing more and more thanks to flat rates on smartphones. Besides this we know that visitors to our web spend more time on our web if we have videos on it, spending more than 25 minutes at times.

For this reason in The Salmon Factor we create strategy and video clips for companies, material that they can later use and share in different ways, be it on YouTube, Vimeo or other online platforms for videos or even for DVD.

Ask for an estimate without any obligation.