The recent agreement between the “Federación Española Empresarial de Transporte de Viajeros” (Spanish Business Passenger Transport Federation), ASINTRA, and The Salmon Factor has found echo in the quarterly magazine of the entity with which it keeps in contact with its partners, as well as the world of economy and companies in our country.

Also, for the contents of this issue The Salmon Factor also collaborated with the Federation by providing an expertise article entitled “Do we know how far we are from the customer?”, signed by the CEO of the company, Pablo González.

In this collaboration, González confirms the need for proximity and empathy the client requires, which, along with service and traffic information, are considered the most influential elements when scrolling. Another issue is the need for appropriate pricing policy, where special travel cards gain importance or value services for users, such as free Wi-Fi on the bus, recalling that its availability is considered indispensable by many when booking a hotel room.

We invite you to take a look at the magazine and, of course, to carefully read our collaboration. All you have to do is click here (spanish)