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As every year at this time, the companies are presenting their advertising for the holiday season. Not all times of the year are the same, Christmas is a season of big sales, annual reviews, resolutions for the coming year, and major communication and marketing campaigns.

According to Google data, users start to seek gift ideas in august. In this sense, special day offers are becoming more and more relevant, especially those campaigns focused on falling prices and Christmas.

Have you implemented any strategy for your business or personal brand? If your answer is no, you still have time to take note and plan a Christmas campaign. We’ll make you a list of some of 2019’s most awaited commercials with the aim of showing you a few examples of obtaining success year after year. After some happy holidays, there’s no better feeling than getting a greater attention from users while achieving improved outcomes in your company’s annual balance sheets.


The Christmas spirit awakens at this time of the year, and there are many companies having these dates highlighted on their calendars. Their target is to present big commercials so that families and friends can talk about them at the table on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve. Believe it or not, most brands that enjoy a high reputation start working on these campaigns in summer months. The goal is to get users to start distinguishing the different products and services offered, even though they weren’t looking for them in advance.

Which is the secret? Below, we make a recount of the best Christmas ads that have been released this 2019. Perhaps seeing what your competitors or other companies are doing will give you ideas for strategies to implement in your business.

Christmas Lottery: “Together for a tenth”

The new Christmas Lottery ad is one of the most awaited in Spain, and on this occasion, the campaign is entitled “Together for a tenth”. What’s new during this 2019 is that, not only it is about an advertising piece, instead it involves a set of four stories with a common value: sharing the Lottery tenths.

Ruavieja: inviting us to see each other more

A job, money and convenience… These are some of the excuses that sometimes we use. Ruavieja reflects on it in its Christmas commercial. Under the term “we must see each other more”, they invite their audience to escape from their singular ‘jails’ preventing them from spending time with their loved ones.

Aldi: May Christmas catch you prepared

In its advertising, Aldi presents the story of little Mateo, who has set out to make someone happy on Christmas Eve: his grandmother. But what’s the aim of this tale? To make it clear that “the most special thing about Christmas is to make others happy, so at this time of year we try even harder to make them feel special”. We can also find a paradox inside the ad. During the Christmas season, just like Mateo, Aldi offers a wide variety of Christmas products to ensure that all its customers have a happy holiday season.

Toys “R” Us: certain gifts that cannot be bought 

Under the slogan “Play is a gift”, the spot shows a busy Santa Claus who forgets his son’s wishes in order to fulfill his responsibilities, a situation that often occurs in many families. The campaign underlines the importance of having fun, sharing and playing in the family, facing the hectic pace of life that succumbs us to routine.

El Almendro: a new way of eating nougat

El Almendro addresses again all those who live far away from home. The “Come home for Christmas” continues to be the brand key phrase for Christmas. The commercial of this 2019 portrays the reunion and homecoming of loved ones for the holidays, and appeals to celebrate Christmas as we want, wherever we want and with whomever we want.

Freixenet: Celebrate at your own Pace

Under the claim “Celebrate at your own Pace”, Freixenet follows the resolution of accompanying everyone in the celebration of the small and big moments, idolizing life. Music by young artists plays a key role in the Christmas campaign, especially on social networks such as Instagram or Spotify. Moreover, through the website, users can access the campaign content and a party configurator to discover their ideal rhythm.


Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp… The social networks that we all use in our day-to-day are the most interesting and least intrusive showcase to build loyalty and attract prospective buyers. Why not make the best out of it during Christmas?

Nowadays, we can decide what to watch – and what not to watch – with just a simple touch or screen slider. The database that social media provides to companies makes the advertising segmentation easy, helping users to have at their disposal campaigns that may be of interest to them.

The firms that are added to these strategies of the immediacy environment are becoming more and more. One of these environments is WhatsApp, which with the launch of Whatsapp Business, implemented quick replies and automatic messages. In addition to the voice search or the chatbot, it allows its users to have a pleasant experience in terms of accessibility when shopping on the Internet.

On the eve of 2020, the use of social media becomes indispensable to launch communication campaigns on these dates. Many companies opt for outsourcing (NO LINK) their communication strategies to consulting firms, others choose to print a traditional Christmas card, which type are you?

Whatever your answer is, we wish you a happy holiday season.