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Communication and Social Media

Digital Marketing and Design

We call SEO the positioning on search engines and actions to achieve optimization. This ongoing activity is essential for any company hoping to move up and appear on the first search results, say on Google for example, the service accounts for almost all of this sector worldwide.

In parallel, and aiming to benefit the SEO, we develop websites optimized in order to achieve the desired positioning from the start. Our websites comply with web standards, with a reduced loading timespan and present information in the way that search engines understand it, so they can place it in better visibility places.

Likewise, for sales-oriented companies there is SEM, which stands for search engine marketing, it introduces advertising in positions of preference when certain words are searched. It is a form of related or contextual advertising, so it really increases the chances of success. This is all done analysing keywords as well as the global market and it relies on creativity to get better PCP (Proper Company Promotion) in areas of intense competition.

Ask us for a proposal, we are competitive in price but, above all, transparent and effective when it comes to results.

Content Marketing

The creation of quality content, phrases, slogans or leads, is essential in an environment of marketing and advertising, since goal achievement depends largely on this work. This is why at The Salmon Factor we have this role, the creative writer experienced at sales and awareness messages.

If you are in need of a sales strategy, creation of your message and brand, or raise awareness about an activity or initiative, please contact us and we will offer the best conditions to compete in the complex scenario of advertising.

Augmented reality has been highlighted as one of the fastest growing trends in the medium term, as it is introduced in everyday activities beyond research or creative multimedia. In this sense, it is worth pointing out the possibilities it offers at the consumer market, potentially leading to new experiences that leave great memories, which makes it a supporting groundswell for marketing.

For catalogue creation and personalized shopping, e-commerce, exhibitions and events, etc., this technological concept leads to a new space where innovation is the trigger for change, enjoyment of our surroundings with new possibilities and generating excitement and experiences in abundance.

One of the most efficient communication forms is to use storytelling techniques, formulating a premeditated discourse around a brand or product which enables different approaches, with anchoring elements to everyday life, so as to achieve engagement.

On the other hand, transmedia storytelling is also on the rise, where content is sorted by platforms and channels, all these stages complement one another in order to complete the story. This format offers even more possibilities to interact with users or followers who can help complete the whole “treaty”; meaning, they would take active part in the development of brands, products or services.

A The Salmon Factor we firmly believe that video is the best medium for a brand to be disclosed, at present. Therefore, we develop both strategy and video pills for companies, material which they can then use and share in a variety of ways, either via YouTube, Vimeo and other online video platforms or, otherwise, on offline formats such as DVD.


Strategy in Social Networks

This new marketing concept comes from the hybridization of marketing strategies with the presence, content, monitoring and discussion in social media, such as networks or blogs. Even while the ultimate goals of companies differ, thanks to SMM (Social Media Marketing) we can summarise that this is how ideas, brands and even product sales, go viral.

Some key action areas, included in SMM, are online reputation management, positive influence campaigns or content marketing as a hook to dialogue with all the social media ecosystem, that is, both customers and non-customers, followers, fans and lovers of the brand, and always bidirectionally.

As a result, brands obtain valuable information about the consumer or sympathizer, allowing them to simply and efficiently adapt to the user with whom they want to interact or sell to. The Salmon Factor carries out high-level developments to make this an effective union of content marketing with Social CRM.

Outsourcing in Communication

Communication was considered a luxury until a decade ago, but now it has become an essential strategic element in business planning to achieve their goals and improve their reputation.

The prestige and credibility that the media give to companies, institutions and organizations, is directly related to their treatment in the media. This public visibility can turn them protagonists and leaders within their sector as well as create an opinion that enables them to grow.

At The Salmon Factor, we offer press office services for companies and institutions, managing appearances, press kits, monitoring and tracking, as well as advising on communications and public relations.

With regard to the organization of events, we design your day, congress or event, ensuring the best quality / price ratio to achieve the set objectives and contribute to the improvement of the image of the company or brand…

Not only what is externally perceived affects a company or entity. There is a fundamental element that is necessary to attend: the team. Therefore, from The Salmon Factor we propose to conduct an internal analysis to develop a suitable and customized planning, including a series of actions aimed at improving or maintaining a good internal working environment and promote or improve the flow of communication between management and workers.

Nowadays, in a global market and with a demanding and morphing target audience, no entity or business is safe from suffering any internal or external problem that directly affects their image and therefore their productivity. The lack of foresight and a plan with strategies oriented towards the management of any extreme situation, would prevent controlling a possible crisis and issuing controlled press releases, which won’t generate distrust nor let the rumour grow.

The Salmon Factor puts the experience and knowledge to formulate and implement actions to adequately manage a crisis without affecting the present and future of a company and its reputation, capabilities and credibility.