The Salmon Factor

The Salmon Factor is a business and marketing consultancy that helps companies achieve their goals by putting the widest range of tools at the service of the strategy. From the most innovative mobile and digital scenario, to institutional communication or marketing applied to sales, the company provides a rich ‘know-how’ to accompany its customers in the long term.

At The Salmon Factor we have managed to gather a team of outstanding professionals in knowledge, flexibility, efficiency and effort. Our obsession is the satisfaction of our clients and their own. We know that with a job well done and a service that brings real solutions to our customers, their expectations will always be fulfilled.

The Salmon Factor, as business and marketing consultant, offers you help to attract and retain more and better, manage user and customer experiences and optimize processes and resources of all kinds, to grow continuously and sustainably.

The current context requires companies to be in constant change, improvement and transformation of their processes, organization, technology and in a fundamental manner, people, in order to meet the increasing market demands.

The market, competition and media are global.

From the client side, consumer habits and decision processes have changed, among other reasons, due to the technology that is unstoppably and steadily transforming our lives. The client / consumer / user has little time today, much to choose from and access to abundant information. The customer is the most important part in this equation, as it should have always been. He decides who, how, when, where and does this at any time, through any means and from anywhere.

What do we offer? The Salmon Factor offers Knowledge, Innovation and Inspiration.


According to Celtic legend, The Salmon of Knowledge was a magical fish that possessed all the knowledge of the world. It received this knowledge by eating nuts that had fallen into the Well of Wisdom. They said that the person who ate the fish would become a very wise person.

A poet named Finnegas spent seven years trying to catch this famous salmon and when he finally succeeded he asked his servant, Fionn, to cook the fish for him. While Fionn was cooking, a drop of fish oil burned his thumb and he sucked on it to ease the pain. By doing this, Fionn received all the wisdom of the salmon and later became the leader of a famous Celtic tribe.

Today, the salmon is considered a symbol of knowledge, innovation and inspiration.

Our values

The Salmon Factor has internally-shared values ​​that define the beliefs of a large organization:


-We apply the highest standards of professional conduct to all activities affecting our customers.

-We behave in a manner consistent with the confidence that each of our clients place in us and thus reinforce the reputation of our company.

-We think independently, we are objective and demonstrate professionalism.


-We built on mutual trust and respect.

-We listen actively and we communicate openly and assertively.

-We recognize and reward contributions and initiative.

-We work as a team.


-We capitalize all aspects of professional and personal diversity.

-We understand the individual cultures of each of our customers and partners.

-We develop an ambiance  that allows the achievement common goals.


-We combine our knowledge, backgrounds and diverse talents.

-We always work with our clients to achieve success in every project.

-We offer innovative solutions.

-We always offer an excellent service.