A new year always brings new challenges, but also offers new opportunities to grow. Over the past year we have seen how constant changes in consumer habits have led to the necessity to centre marketing strategies on personalization and improving the shopping experience of users. In addition, we are going to show you the 3 biggest marketing trends of 2022. Pay attention so you don’t fall behind!

Hybrid Events

If we have learnt anything in the past few years, it’s that it is necessary to adapt to the current circumstances in order to survive. These last few months have been marked by the cancellation of hundreds of events due to the pandemic, for this reason brands have been changing the way they do business and developing online events, through for example, webinars. There are a lot of businesses who have decided to maintain a virtual format now that normality has somewhat returned, but this time combined with in person events.

In 2022, the hybrid events trend will continue with social media playing a key role in promotion. These platforms will make it possible to connect users around the world and provide long term growth for a brand. Additionally, social media will allow you to obtain metrics and other practical information that will help you focus your strategy on your target audience and their needs.

Audiovisual Content

Although users have been consuming audiovisual content for decades, it has undoubtedly become more popular over the past two years. Specifically, platforms like Tiktok and Twitch have gone from being secondary platforms to seeing a large increase in their number of active accounts. Accordingly, Instagram capitalised on this trend by focusing on reels, which – together with stories – has become the preferred content for social media users.

What benefits does audiovisual content offer over more traditional content? From a user perspective, videos provide more information about a product – characteristics, functions and other aspects that are better appreciated with videos than a simple image. On the other hand, From a brand perspective, audiovisuals provide an image of transparency and allows direct interaction with users, creating a community. Lastly, it is worth mentioning the benefit of trending videos and viral content that can boost  the visibility of a brand or product.

Increased User Privacy

As announced by Google, this year will see the disappearance of third party cookies from your internet browsers. This is due to the growing demand from the consumers to protect their privacy while they are browsing and to control the data their internet searches generate. The information that is stored on third party cookies include: personal data, like age, location and gender, the time spent on the main page and on sub pages and on the page through which the cookies in question were made. Ultimately the removal of these cookies will eliminate their ability to track users, define user profiles and, as a result, limit the possibilities of segmentation.

What does this situation mean for marketers? In general, they will need to offer users a more attractive browsing experience, focusing on showing personalised quality content. It will also be necessary to acquire consumer data in a much more direct way, for example: filling out surveys, interactive content and using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

Within this complex framework, it is vital for brands to establish and develop a digital marketing strategy that takes into account consumer trends and adapts to the needs of the users. We can help you and your business achieve all your objectives, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!