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We help companies achieve their objectives by putting the widest spectrum of tools at the service of strategy.



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From the most innovative mobile and digital scene, to corporate communication or marketing applied to sales, our company provides extensive “know-how” to accompany its clients in the long-term.

Communication and SM

Communication and Social Media are the best ways to reach clients, so they feel more valued and heard in a one on one conversation

Strategy and Sales

Marketing and Consulting

Marketing covers services of all kinds, from SEO and SEM to advertising, including the development of mobile apps, all in order to achieve branding

Knowledge, Innovation and Inspiration

According to Celtic legend, The Salmon of Knowledge was a magical fish that possessed all the knowledge of the world. It received this knowledge by eating nuts that had fallen into the Well of Wisdom. They said that the person who ate the fish would become a very wise person…

G.B. Shaw

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”

The Salmon Factor Blog

Lend a hand to the children of India:

Goa Outreach is a project developed in Goa, India, with the aim of helping disadvantaged children regardless of religion, social class, caste or gender. Many of them come from other parts of India looking for a better life.
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