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Strategy and Sales

Business Models

Beyond generating income or bearing the costs, it is currently considered important how a company creates value, how it carries out their creations, how does the generated value flow; ultimately, smaller functional parts are identified as well as how they relate in order to develop a more refined strategy, which will result in an improvement of the Income Statement..

Although there are different concepts for the design of business models, at The Salmon Factor we are committed to helping our customers without preconceived ideas and acknowledging the fact that it is vital to know how a company works, find their weak spots and identify their strengths to achieve the main objective: knowing how a company generates revenue through its position in the value chain.

Commercial, Sales and Trade Marketing

Every company should have a business plan and, within it, one specifically for commercial and sales. This strategic document defines which the sales targets are and specifies how will they be achieved, making clear what the budget dedicated to achieving objectives is, the design and the development of sales channels, creating tariffs, and stating which are the technical resources or the group of people involved.

Depending on the type of company and its organization, this business plan may include a proposal for the development of commercial activities. In this area, The Salmon Factor specialist consultants are experts in this type of planning, aligning their work with the specific objectives of each company.

To this we must add the Trade Marketing. Although it is still considered as the design of marketing strategies for the distribution channel, this concept really goes beyond that, seeking that the channel itself collaborates with the strategy so that both get the widespread ‘win-win’.

This type of specialized marketing is aimed primarily at large-scale consume, although SMEs can also use it for channel development, obtaining the involvement of its partners, scenario in which The Salmon Factor brings its extensive knowledge of this discipline.

Some of the Trade Marketing objectives are the acceleration in sales, promotion coordination and design, merchandising, routing traffic to exhibitors or virtual stores, sale point rotation, etc.

Competitivity and Innovation

Innovation is the implementation of technical or organizational novelties in production processes, plus encouraging creativity at improving products or services. Therefore, to collaborate with companies, at The Salmon Factor we help generating creative businesses, which go beyond pure financial work in search of direct profitability through commercial margins.

then, competitiveness often goes hand in hand with innovation, as an innovative company -among other aspects- is able to adapt, develop or maintain advantages that give it a prominent position in its field. Translating the company’s skills, resources, knowledge, etcetera, into value as something opposed to its market niche rivals, allows organizations to obtain higher returns than its competitors.

In all of this, we advise and support our clients by offering not only help if no accompaniment.


To start having economic activities outside Spain seems an insurmountable challenge for many companies, often due to lack of knowledge of foreign markets, language barriers or lack of funding.

For this reason, The Salmon Factor offers its clients the knowledge of its consultants to start engaging in:


  • Foreign trade and export
  • Consulting and implementation management in other countries
  • Advice and attraction of financing for the internationalization process
  • Language Training
  • Reverse internationalization ( “A Bridge to Spain”)