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Social media is one of the main bridges between brands and customers today. Year after year, these digital platforms turn out to be one of the primary tools used by companies trying to reach their users. This is thanks to the engagement generated by shared content.

In this sense, one of the entire company’s biggest resolutions is to offer quality content. This could be defined, in broad terms, as every type of content successfully informing and persuading its audience. As a result, the public easily finds entertaining content on social media, obtaining this way a high power of engagement. We are talking about a type of content that proves to be useful and relevant for a company’s audience. With that being said, which techniques or strategies could help companies to grow their social media content quality?

Choose the Platforms with the Most Impact

You don’t necessarily need to have a presence on every existing social network. As in almost every case, less is more. In fact, it is better to focus on social media where, after considering a previous audience survey, the brand appears to have a greater impact. Furthermore, it is recommended to establish an order of relevance among them because, according to your company phase or its marketing strategy, it will be more convenient creating content for one specific platform, instead of another. For instance, Instagram and Facebook Ads advertising campaigns generally have higher conversion rates; in other words, it is possible that by these means, your potential customer might end up purchasing your product or service. This process will allow you to identify your target audience, orientate your strategy and ultimately, efficiently allocate your company’s resources.

Take advantage of all your Tools

One of the greatest advantages of all social networks is their versatility, which means that they offer infinite possibilities. In this case, it is convenient to analyze the different types of content that can be posted, and how it will increase the appeal of your company.

  • Stories: Sharing daily content will help you to build a closer relationship with your audience. For instance, you could share breaking news, employ popular memes or include brand updates. This feature is really useful to increase your number of followers and to expand your reach, as it contains dynamic content consumed by all users.
  • Live videos: Live streaming platforms are successful worldwide. This isn’t limited to Twitch: you could also publish this kind of streaming videos via Facebook or Instagram. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with your audience and to benefit from direct feedback. Make sure to announce what you’ll be discussing and when you’ll go live – date and time – in advance.
  • Viral trends: Staying up to date is essential in the social media world. We are not asking you to gather your team and record yourselves while performing the latest dance trend on TikTok (although it can be fun); instead, just keep up with latest songs and video styles, the trending post, and try to adapt your content accordingly. Your audience will take notice!

Surround yourself with a Good Team

Today’s market is highly competitive, and you will probably agree that you don’t always get rewarded for your efforts. It is perfectly normal to find yourself in this scenario, given that standing out on social networks requires knowledge, creativity and an amount of time you may not have. Relying on the assistance of an expert can save you the headache. 
Marketing consultants are specialized in analyzing both your company and its environment, while creating and developing practical strategies to reach your goals. These professionals take care of the design elaboration and the creativity of posts – which have to be tailored not only to the brand, but also to each of the social media platforms used by the company – through the use of various mediums including videos, posts, carousels. Finally, these consultants measure performance through regular reports of your social media traffic.

Here at The Salmon Factor we have more than ten years of experience in this field. Our team of professionals create and implement innovative digital strategies and social media plays a key role. If you are thinking of investing in a social media marketing specialist, do not hesitate to contact us.