Logo The Salmon Factor x Effie Awards
Logo The Salmon Factor x Effie Awards

Your Partner in Digital Strategy

With over 10 years of experience in the market, The Salmon Factor creates comprehensive digital strategies for companies – no matter the size or sector – to meet their objectives and obtain the best results.  

Improve your digital ecosystem with just one click!

The Salmon Factor achieves the Gold Effie Award as a contributing agency in the United States

The Salmon Factor is very proud to have collaborated as an active part of the campaign “Unfollow the Recipe” for the brands Mahatma Rice and Carolina Rice, winning the Gold Effie Award 2023 in the category of Multicultural Products. It was a great experience to work together with Alma DDB and Spark Foundry to promote the new Modern Rice Explorers!



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We identify and implement Search Engine Optimization opportunities to improve search engine ranking and increase web traffic.

Content Marketing

We create quality content that captures attention and retains clients across all channels.

Social Media Marketing

We leverage social media in order to increase both brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Strategy and Digital Consulting

We work with you side by side to design a roadmap to ensure your project is a success.

Digital Advertising and Media

We show you the steps needed to get more reach and improve brand recognition.

Link building Consulting

Utilizing innovative machine learning techniques, we can help you attain an effective link profile using backlinks, the basis for an effective digital strategy.

Best Practices, Best Results

At The Salmon Factor, we are committed to best practices that allow for long-term sustainable growth.

Our multidisciplinary team is continuously assessing Google’s ever-changing algorithm, using cutting-edge tools in the digital market in order to attain optimal results.

Client Satisfaction


Quality Guaranteed

Your Partner Around The World

The Salmon Factor has proven success across diverse markets throughout the world, regardless of where they are based or where they operate.

In an increasingly multicultural and demanding environment, it is enriching to be able to maintain activity in different markets, with different products and services, aligned with the objectives of our clients and developing strong trusting ties, always looking toward the long-term.

Expertise in digital marketing for: Retail, Agri-food, Urban and interurban transport, Energy, Real Estate, Health, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Hospitality, Tourism and more.

Improve your digital ecosystem with just one click!

Our Blog

Knowledge, Innovation and Inspiration

According to Celtic legend, The Salmon of Knowledge was a magical fish that possessed all the knowledge of the world. It received this knowledge by eating nuts that had fallen into the Well of Wisdom. They said that the person who ate the fish would become a very wise person.

A poet named Finnegas spent seven years trying to catch this famous salmon and when he finally succeeded he asked his servant, Fionn, to cook the fish for him. While Fionn was cooking, a drop of fish oil burned his thumb and he sucked on it to ease the pain. By doing this, Fionn received all the wisdom of the salmon and later became the leader of a famous Celtic tribe.

Today, the salmon is considered a symbol of knowledge, innovation and inspiration.


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