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Marketing and Consulting

Strategic Marketing and Branding


The creation of the image and the brand is one of the specialities of the team at The Salmon Factor, uniting talent and creativity to achieve the highest standards of quality in each commercial or non-commercial launch.

The management and the development of the brand is one of the biggest worries of any business nowadays. For this reason we provide our clients with our know-how in marketing strategies which is strongly oriented to sales and the achievement of objectives.

The final decision to buy is motivated by an impulse, a feeling or an emotion in the majority of cases, leaving to one side practical, strategic and even economical reasoning.

Because of this, there are emotional motivations to work with when it comes to being able to reach the needs of clients. In this area, The Salmon Factor provides its clients with the best strategic team to create advertising and emotional marketing campaigns.

How can I “move” my client? How can I reach their heart with emotional marketing? We can answer all these questions thanks to the different resources related to advertising, content marketing, design, storytelling, etc…

Nowadays every company, institution or individual has an identity and an online reputation, whether it was created voluntarily or due to third party references which appear on the web or on social networking sites.

To help grow a brand, protect and improve its valuation or achieve noted success in the digital world it is vital to have active listening and an interactive office which is in charge of correcting deviations which can have a negative effect on the company or entity.

In this aspect, The Salmon Factor offers the best options for active listening and a team of qualified consultants to direct strategies and a crisis cabinet for digital scenarios.

Any commercial strategy has its starting point where a suitable evangelisation should be carried out so that the public understand, comprehend and become aware of their surroundings so that they can assimilate the advantages of any commercial offer. For this reason, it is always advised to launch awareness campaigns to ensure that technology and that innovation become known as well as to encourage the critical spirit of the consumer.

Concurrently, looking after the client and giving them motives to return actions of loyalty have to be undertaken which offer benefits to the consumers who will then become not only loyal customers but also prescribers of the brand.

Mobile Marketing & Advertising

These days more than half of the data transfer on the Internet happens through smartphones. Because of this, those who don’t contemplate the possibility of contracting advertising slots in this area run the risk of failure by not being present on a personal device which has now become the main door in Internet.

According to a 2011-2012 MMA study, 100% of those who had tried advertising and mobile marketing repeat for, among other things, the capacity of the segmentation and the metric reports received which allow for a more refined study of the conversion which achieves improvement and an increased ROI.

Whether it be for cost per click (CPC) or cost per a thousand impressions (CPI), we have very competitive rates in the different means of advertising.

In a question of a few months we have seen the mushrooming of Quick Response codes or QR codes, an open standard internationally, which is being used in magazines, brochures, fliers and even on the packaging of certain well known products. This marketing tool is on the increase, however many companies still don’t know how to get all the benefits from it.

For their part, two-dimensional or BIDI codes are the solutions based on QR codes given by the three main operators in Spain; Vodafone, Orange and Movistar. They have managed to make this QR code reader the most downloaded in Spain offering third party marketing services with a high cost in many cases.

At The Salmon Factor we carry out projects in which the QR application has acquired notoriety like couponing and loyalty. Additionally, we convert this solution into a creative resource, offering not only the power of being able to read the matrix of the QR, but also the design that comes with it including branding. Allow us to guide you.

Nowadays, companies can promote their products and services taking into account the physical location of their potential client. On top of that, the increase in the penetration of smartphones and the mass use of mobile Internet services is making localised marketing become the big opportunity to attract clients or develop their loyalty.

In The Salmon Factor we bet on this area and help companies to implement strategies of client attraction and loyalty, based on geolocation, adapted to the reality of their business, in the most attractive way which entices clients to visit the centres where they can find the offers and the company increasing the rate of redemption.


Apps Design and Development

The new battle field for brands and products is the mobile scenario, an area where the amount of users permitting access to their device is growing day by day. Creating applications based on the experience of the user and being able to predict the behaviour of the user through apps is one of the biggest advantages of this space where everything is measurable.

To do this, we offer you our best app developers, with vast experience in the technological sector, who are able to align with the objectives of our clients to achieve success in this innovating area.