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To deal with the situation caused by the COVID-19 health crisis, many employees have found themselves immersed in a new reality marked by remote working. This is the reason why – when the dynamics of the traditional in-person work are disrupted and one has to exclusively adapt to online tools – it is recommended to take into account certain aspects. Here at the Salmon Factor we want to simplify this adaptation: we completed a list of tools that will help you to better plan your workday,  while increasing your day-to-day productivity (in regards to: organization,internal communication, file storage or password management).


Trello makes teamwork easier through cards, lists and boards. At first glance, the user can clearly see the various tasks: in progress, completed or pending. Trello also has an option for adding comments, attaching files and setting due dates.

Active Collab

Active Collab is a project management tool  designed especially  for creative professionals. It offers multiple options: task organization, time tracking and budget control. Its goal is to reduce the time invested in email usage.


Known by everyone, the Skype calling application is compatible with all devices, including mobile phones, computers, tablets, and even Alexa. It allows up to a maximum of 50 participants in a single call, while also supporting call recording and enabling live subtitles.


Slack was born with the starting objective of replacing emails to facilitate the internal communication of companies. It’s an intuitive tool and deals with teamwork coordination. It also gives you the possibility of having a complete view of task allocation, as well as the chance to work in different channels.

Google Drive

Allowing up to 15 GB of free storage, Google Drive is the perfect platform for storing and sharing files among coworkers from any device. Additionally, it offers a corporate subscription to expand the available storage space.


WeTransfer is the ideal tool to send files both rapidly and easily. It is a cloud platform designed to transfer large files. We highly recommend this program because it doesn’t require signing in to send or receive files.


It’s a platform that collects passwords in a place exclusively controlled by the user. In this way, its users are allowed to securely consult their personal information at any time. Dashlane also offers the option to change weak passwords to stronger ones.


This is one of the best reviewed tools to manage passwords since it protects users from leaks and cyber threats related to access credentials. It’s simple to use and provides constant support while offering top-level security.