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Digital marketing tools have increased in popularity in the last few years since they offer solutions enabling to optimize every kind of task related to business activity. Among them, we can find everything from applications helping to segment the market and to direct marketing campaigns, to communication instruments improving collaboration and teamwork.

However, for these tools to be useful, it is necessary to deeply understand them and to learn how to maximize their performance. Below, we have listed some of them to help take your strategy to the next level.

Google Trends is a free tool developed by Google, which is in charge of analyzing internet users’ search trends. This instrument offers information about the likability of any term in a specific moment, place and period of time; all things that allow companies to make decisions associated with their marketing strategies and their SEO positioning. This is a very useful tool for market research and opportunity identification tasks because their users can select options to filter results, such as the geographic location, a range of query dates, or the type of search (Images, News, etc.).

2. Google Analytics

If you have a website, we recommend you make the most of all the information provided by Google Analytics, another free search engine tool. Through a tracking code, Google Analytics collects data from users visiting the web pages, so that it makes it possible to discover personalized surveys and real-time analysis of website traffic, its sources and the demographic aspects, among other elements. Two of the most relevant reports are  acquisition, detecting which way users come across a website, and conversion, in which we can find aspects related to the website’s goals, like the lead generation or the completion of the purchasing process.

3. Marketing Hub

Marketing Hub is an ‘all-in-one’ platform that will help you to implement and develop your digital marketing strategy in a simple but efficient way. Inside this platform includes multiple tools related to marketing automation, SEO positioning, email marketing, forms creation and social media management. Its complete and intuitive design helps companies to drive website traffic, to satisfy the needs of potential customers and eventually, to build their loyalty. Moreover, as this is a HubSpot Platform, it can be integrated with other sales platforms and developer software services, which will let you centralize the majority of your operations from a single platform.

4. Cloud Apps

The use of cloud apps has enormously increased during the last few years, hence they enable users to access data, documents and apps from anywhere through remote servers. This is especially useful to collaborative teams since their various members can simultaneously work on a document. These apps acquire different formats and offer varied services: from file storage, like Google Drive or Dropbox, and email, such as Gmail or Outlook, to project management applications, as in the case of Asana or Trello.

5. Trello

As we just mentioned, Trello is a tool for managing projects and tasks that arranges them on a virtual dashboard. The system is based on the use of cards, which can be organized in different columns according to goals, functions or progress states. In addition, it is possible to attach documents, notes and any other kinds of relevant detail to each task, facilitating high personalization of the work environment. Finally, Trello can be combined with other services and software tools, including Google Drive, Dropbox or Slack, to name a few, allowing the respective team members to simultaneously access and work.

6. Pixabay

Pixabay is a website that offers its users a wide and free collection of high-quality pics and videos, free of copyright restrictions. Pixably allows you to download photos, vectors and videos, and to use them for personal as well as commercial purposes. It’s very easy to use, as you simply have to text a keyword to obtain hundreds of suitable results to your search, while you can also filter them by categories and colors. If you prefer, you could also sign in with a free account, which will let you store and organize those interesting images or videos. This feature appears to be really helpful in the development of any project.

7. Slack

Communication is key to increase the productivity and achievement of a business. Slack is an app especially designed for work teams and companies, it is a chat that makes it possible for the members of said work teams to communicate between them and to share any type of information in real time. Its intuitive dashboard and the possibility of integrating itself with other software services makes Slack one of  the communication tools most used by every kind of company worldwide, because it enhances productivity and promotes collaboration among team members.

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