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The “Unfollow La Receta” campaign for the U.S. rice brands Mahatma and Carolina, was the top performing marketing project in the category of multicultural products

The Salmon Factor has been recognized with a Gold Effie Award as Contributing Agency, thanks to its collaboration for the “Unfollow the recipe” campaign for the Mahatma Rice and Carolina Rice brands. The campaign, developed by U.S. agency Alma DDB, Spark Foundry and The Salmon Factor, won the coveted gold in the Multicultural Products category. Thus, the Andalusian company becomes the first Spanish agency specializing in SEO and digital marketing to achieve this.

This campaign, carried out for the U.S. company Riviana Foods, (part of the multinational Ebro Foods), has developed a strategy aimed at Hispanic and Latino audiences, with the objective of repositioning the role of rice in the cuisine of a large number of Americans. Thus, the campaign promotes the celebration with all consumers who dare to add their personal touch to the traditional recipe book, to evolve the concept of “Unfollow La Receta”.

The Effie Awards gala took place June 1st in New York, at the exclusive Cipriani 42nd Street® space in Manhattan, where award-winning brands and agencies, as well as finalists and relevant personalities from the marketing sector in the United States were celebrated.

The Salmon Factor’s CEO, Pablo González said: “Receiving an Effie Award means that the campaign has been one of the most effective marketing efforts made throughout the past year. It was a very well-designed marketing and creative strategy, in which SEO also played a relevant role, and which helped to achieve truly impressive figures and success”.

At the end of the event, the excitement continued until the very end, as Riviana and the “Unfollow the recipe” campaign were nominated as candidates for the Grand Effie, which distinguishes the most outstanding campaign of all.


Thanks to their great value as brands linked to the Latin public and with their clear innovative approach to food, Mahatma and Carolina decided to provoke a new conversation, linked to creativity in dishes and the search for recipes in general, to give a new dimension to the dialogue, where a more independent generation wants to make its new and contemporary mark in the kitchen.

If everyone always made every meal following the recipe in a strict way, we would never try new dishes. That is why Mahatma and Carolina set out to empower new cooks to create their own new way of understanding how to make rice, whether on a daily basis or for festive occasions.

The tradition has always been to follow a recipe to the T, while “Unfollow La Receta” wants to connect with cooks who would like to reinvent themselves daily and to bring their personal touch to the traditional cuisine and create something new and unique.

“In essence, it is necessary to find traditional recipes, to reinterpret them and to allow new generations to contribute their culinary vision. This whole process takes place in a highly digitalized environment where you have to reach the chefs and the home chef finds recipes to reinterpret at his fingertips,” explains the CEO of The Salmon Factor.

About the Effie Awards

The Effie Awards are recognized by advertisers and agencies around the world as the most prestigious award given in the industry, recognizing each and every form of marketing that contributes to a brand’s success. For more than 50 years, winning an Effie has become a global symbol of triumph. Today, Effie celebrates effectiveness worldwide with more than 55 programs spanning throughout more than 125 markets, including Global Effies, regional programs in North America, Asia-Pacific, Africa/Middle East, Europe and Latin America.