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The large amount of supply and demand in today’s market means that consumers can choose the brand or supplier that best meets their particular needs. That said, What is a clear advantage for consumers also means that there is also a great challenge for companies who are constantly trying to position themselves against the competition in their sector. For this reason, it is essential to make the buying process for users easier. Here are some tips and tricks that will allow you to offer your customers a more positive shopping experience.

Security and transparency 

For a user to stay on your site, it is essential that they trust your website. Just as it is necessary to provide an image of truthfulness and reliability, it is also important to show your users that you have various data encryption tools. SSL security certificates help protect your personal information, from name and surname to email, bank details or any other sensitive information.


It’s useless to have a visually attractive website if the user can’t navigate it. Therefore, we recommend that you make your page as intuitive as possible and the purchasing processes are well delimited. That said, do not neglect any elements that invite your users to stay on the page and carry out their purchases. Among these elements, we can highlight, for example, using colours that are related to your brand, a simple design, a sensible distribution of information, the inclusion of spaces and other necessary tools to create an interesting and pleasant page for the customer.


You must not forget that one of the main objectives of your website is to bring the product or service closer to potential buyers. Therefore, it is very important that you spend some time on your web design and product descriptions. The latter should be clear, but at the same time, original and detailed and include information on: the main features, advantages, tips for use and maintenance, various applications (you can even include an explanatory video), etc. so that the user feels attracted by the product you offer. 

Reward loyalty 

If a customer enjoys their shopping experience and the product or service meets their expectations, it is very likely that they will shop at your online store again. If you give your customers a reason to continue shopping at your store (such as discounts or fast shipping), their interest in the company will increase. In short, the idea is to offer your customers different rewards for choosing your brand.

Personalized Attention

This is about including tools that provide the user with efficient, simple and quick responses to any customer queries. Some helpful tools for your customers are chatbots, a customer service phone number, contact forms and an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page where the most common user questions are answered, so that users can get a concise and immediate response. Typical customer queries usually include, for example, product warranty issues, shipping terms and conditions and questions about the brand.

If, despite carrying out these tips, you feel that your business is still not taking off or you want to give it a further boost, at The Salmon Factor we have all the necessary tools to help you achieve success. Contact us, we will be happy to offer our expertise.