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The ecommerce or online store sector has evolved exponentially in recent years, making this type of business one of the most attractive for entrepreneurs. However, the increase in supply means that these companies must find more ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, especially for SMEs, who must develop a marketing plan that makes them stand out in their sector. Today, we have 5 useful tips that you can use to make your ecommerce store stand out.

Take care of your content 

By not having a physical store, your website is your way of introducing yourselves to your customers so the first impressions are crucial. Therefore, it is important that you use original quality images which have a color palette and range that are in tune with those of your brand. In this way you’ll reflect your identity right from the get go and you’ll get customers to identify your website with your brand. 

Including video content about your product or promotions is another great way of distinguishing yourself from the competition. Similarly, it is advisable to show aspects that may interest the user, such as a video presentation of the company, customer testimonials, employee opinions and, in general, any dynamic content that brings the brand closer to the user.

Offer Simple Navigation

The simpler your web page is to navigate for your users, the better as it will offer a more intuitive shopping experience. You’ll want to conveniently organise your website by categories and subcategories, as well as to highlight the best-selling products or those that interest the user. On the other hand, it is also very important to include a contact page or an “about us” section on the website, including aspects such as the history, objectives or philosophy of the company. As mentioned above, it is vitally important that your ecommerce store uses the tools at its disposal to eliminate any barriers that stop your clients interacting with you over the internet. 

Leverage the Potential of Your Social Media Channels 

One of the most effective ways to connect with your audience is to establish a link through social media channels, as they are very useful and relatively easy to use tools. However, you must make sure that your profiles have an authentic feel and do not look like they are simply there just to sell your product, as this will cause the user to lose interest in them. The content you publish should also be up-to-date and in line with the objectives of both your company and the needs of your customers. You can also use tools such as private messages or comments on publications to solve user issues and create a direct conversation with them. 

To manage these types of actions, the role of the community manager is fundamental. The main function of the community manager is to build and manage the brand’s online community, by creating content, planning promotions and having direct contact with users. The aim is to increase the visibility of the business in the digital environment either through search engines or social networks.

SEO as a brand support 

The huge amount of competition that currently exists in the market means that appearing in a privileged position in search engines is not an easy task, although in the business world nothing is impossible! There are numerous actions that can help you improve your SEO positioning, among which are: choosing the right keywords, using the system or platform that best suits the requirements of your ecommerce store, having an attractive website and an original product description, getting positive ratings and optimizing both web content and social networks. Improving your SEO positioning together with a good content marketing strategy will increase your audience and with it your chances of success. 

Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Although at first you may think that email marketing is old-fashioned, the truth is that it is very useful for ecommerce. This tool allows you to keep your subscribers updated on any news or content you want to inform them about. In addition, you can offer a program of benefits to these users, such as exclusive discounts or exclusive access to the launch of a product or service. This will allow you to build customer loyalty and increase traffic to your ecommerce store, which will increase the number of positive reviews on your website. You just have to start designing your newsletter and establish the frequency of sending to start getting results. 

We hope these tips will help you develop a successful marketing strategy for your online store. Although these tips can be applied in general terms to any online store, each business requires the use of certain and more specific tools. If you need a boost, The Salmon Factor’s team of professionals is at your disposal to guide you through this process and help you stand out.