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The popularity of social media has undoubtedly increased in the past few years along with the influence it has on the shopping behaviour of consumers. Nowadays both established businesses and startups are able to use these tools in their marketing strategies to spread brand awareness, increase sales and network with other businesses/brands.

At the Salmon Factor we want to help you expand your business by giving you the tips to succeed on social media and increase your sales.

Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms

Once you have defined your objectives and your target audience, it is necessary to research which social media platform will most effectively help you achieve your goals. In general terms, the most popular social media platforms with businesses are Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, though each of these platforms have a different typical user profile.

  • Linkedin is a professional social media platform and used by 14 million registered users in Spain and almost 800 million users worldwide. The target audience of this social media platform are experienced professionals in an older age group than other platforms. It is for this reason that the content posted on Linkedin is normally more formal. 
  • Facebook and Instagram on the other hand, are more popular worldwide meaning that having a good presence on either can be very beneficial for your business. Further to this they are very versatile platforms where you can publish content in a wide variety of formats. In terms of target audience, bear in mind that, while on Facebook there is not a huge difference between the age groups of their users, there is a much wider age range on Instagram typically ranging between 18 and 39. If you want to attract the attention of millennials, Instagram is absolutely essential. 
  • Finally, in the case of Twitter, age groups are not so important, though the type of content posted is. On Twitter continuous contact with your subscribers is absolutely essential as it is a very dynamic app which places an importance on information and communication in real time.

We also recommend that you pay close attention to Tiktok and Twitch. In the past few years these apps have experienced a boost in popularity with certain sections of the population meaning that they are potentially a useful tool in differentiating yourself from the competition.

Publicise your Products

Once you have identified the right social media platform for you, it’s time to publicise your products.

  • Create content in keeping with your brand. Publish content that reflects the values of your business so that your audience can familiarise themselves with them. Remember that your main objective is to generate emotions in your users.
  • Use influencers in your marketing strategy. These public figures have a great impact on social media and can make a noticeable difference in your clients’ purchasing decisions. 
  • Raffles. Who doesn’t love the idea of trying free stuff? When planning a raffle be sure to make it a condition that participants will need to mention your brand or share the post directly on their profile. By doing this you will spread awareness of your products and business.
  • Use adverts. Nowadays all social media platforms allow you to easily post adverts to either your website or your products. Any user that wants to can get more information about you or your brand by just clicking on your profile. In summary, paid content is now essential in spreading your content.
  • Share customer feedback. Word of mouth is always an effective form of marketing. Potential customers are more likely to trust your product if they hear first hand from somebody who has had a good experience and says positive things about your brand.

Create a Community

On social media, it is vital that you connect with your audience by creating a community with common interests. Some things that can help you generate engagement are:

  • Maintain an active communication with your followers. It’s very important that you respond to any user comments on your posts and answer any questions that are sent to you privately. Remember that just because you are on social media, customer service still exists and that you are connected to a person not simply a mobile device.
  • Create quality content. Make posts in different formats that catch the attention of your users and will interest your followers. Social media users receive a large amount of visual stimulation each day, so it is important to make sure your content is better than the rest to attract people to your profile.
  • Take advantage of all the tools available to you: Social Media allows you to publish a variety of different types of content. Use this to your advantage! Post stories, reels, ask open questions, create surveys and repost live videos to maintain contact with your users. Each social media platform offers many different alternatives to traditional content that can attract your audience.
  • Post Regularly. As mentioned above, social media users receive a huge amount of stimulation so it is very easy for them to ignore your posts if they are too sporadic. It’s a good idea to analyse your users and learn what time of day they usually connect so you can publish content during these hours. Remember, the more users you have, the more interest you will have in your products.

At The Salmon Factor we are specialists in marketing, sales, communication and social media. If you need help with your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team are here to answer any questions you may have.