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Technology is nowadays part of our daily life: both in the professional, and in the personal field, we use digital tools that make our life easier. We employ mobile phones and computers to access information, organize our calendar, search for a postal address, or send emails. Among brands offering these tools, there is one that stands out: Google. It has free-to-use applications that are highly useful. Discover these tools below!


Email is one of the most productive and oldest services in recent Internet history. Google has been able to reinvent itself, and today it offers the most versatile and comprehensive email service called Gmail. It is suitable for individuals who use email for personal purposes, as well as for organizations that choose to have a business account.

Google Maps

We live in a globalized world where we often check maps since we move within and outside our city, whether for leisure or for work. Thanks to the mapping service provided by Maps, we can have greater control over the locations we are headed to, in addition to analyzing the various transportation options available to reach that destination. It is a very useful service to move around safely.

Google Translate

A common situation – that has surely happened to all of us at some point – is seeing messages in a language different from our own and not understanding their meaning. In this context, having access to an instant translation is vital, and in order to do so, Google Translate is a good alternative. It gives you the chance to translate individual words or complete texts into over 100 different languages.


It is Google’s unmatched application for making voice and video calls. If you are looking for a digital tool which works intuitively while offering a good service for making calls, Hangouts is the best choice. It allows you to share screens with your interlocutor and conduct meetings with more than two people.

Google Photos

Personal photos and videos are our most precious intangible resources because of their emotional essence and their reflection of past stories. Therefore, it’s beneficial to have a tool that stores all our files and – in return – allows us to feel secure. Google Photos creates a backup of images and videos, and keeps them in the cloud. Moreover, it generates a list of memories on important dates.

Google Adwords

This program allows us to create ads that will appear on Google’s search engine results pages. It’s especially useful if we want to gain visibility for our website, as we can choose the most relevant keywords for our advertising campaigns and consequently narrow down our target audience.