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Based on the assumption that content marketing gathers a series of written and visual techniques with the purpose of creating and spreading online content, there still exists a difference between these techniques. As per usual – depending on each brand and message – one technique will be more suitable than the others. Therefore, each case should be analyzed in order to ensure that our message reaches our audience in the most optimal way possible. In the next step, we will analyze the pros and cons of employing videos and texts in our content strategy.

Advantages of Video

As human beings, we instantly perceive sounds and images in a video; on the other hand, words require greater focus from us. In this sense, one of the main advantages of videos is that their communication can be conveyed in a more direct and effective way since many sensations are generated in a short time. That is to say that several messages can be sent in just a couple of minutes. Nowadays there are plenty of platforms that allow the creation of low-cost videos with good quality.

Advantages of Text

The most important strength of text – with respect to the video – is its cost: composing written material is cheaper than recording and editing a video. In addition, preparing a written document requires less time investment, which is something precious in many brand projects. Likewise, from a marketing strategy perspective, a text provides interesting content to a website, which is a beneficial aspect for its SEO ranking.

Disadvantages of Video

As mentioned before, videos generate a lot of impact in a short time, but we also have to highlight that they require some important phases: pre-planning, recording and editing. Additionally – along with advanced skills in video creation and editing tools – they demand human resources with basic knowledge in design and style if they want to achieve a positive and coherent outcome.

Disadvantages of Text

Even if its writing doesn’t consume as many resources as videos, a written text can result impersonal and distant if we want the brand to connect emotionally and motivate our target audience. Although the composing phase stands out for its accessibility, it is difficult to transcend a screen and evoke specific sensations in our users. It isn’t impossible, but it can be difficult. A writing team is also required with sufficient abilities and skills to captivate readers from the first paragraph.

Taking into account both the pros and cons of text and video for a marketing strategy, now it’s up to you to choose the most suitable resource. Which one would you choose? And why?