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The year 2022 is drawing to a close… and the Christmas season is drawing near! From the beginning of Black Friday until the end of the Christmas season, sales of all kinds of items skyrocket. Take advantage of the occasion and get to work to ensure that your marketing plan will be a success during these important dates. The Salmon Factor would like to leave you three key points that you should take into account when defining and implementing your Christmas marketing strategy.

Take care of your online store

Among the main motivations that users have to make their purchases online is the convenience of being able to make purchases from home. They are able to do this through any device, but above all through the wide range of options offered by the Internet. In just a few clicks, the customer can compare prices, brands, and suppliers of all kinds. Whether it’s Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts or any other various reasons.

At this point, the brand has an important role. It is very important that you adapt and customize your web page towards the Christmas theme.  This can be done through new articles, discounts and promotions on the main page, or by adding any visual element that attracts the customer and improves their user experience.

Create a social media campaign

As we have mentioned on previous occasions, in this day and age social networks are a very powerful tool when it comes to reaching a target audience. For this reason, Instagram can be your greatest ally. It has more than 24 million users in Spain and allows you to create highly interactive content. We recommend that you create a content calendar for social networks. You can devise, organize and publish the different actions of your brand. In addition to bringing your users closer to different promotions and articles, you will be able to find out their needs and preferences. You can also analyze what types of content sparks their interest.

Focus on your customers

Everyone likes to receive surprises and gifts for Christmas. Your customers are no different, so we suggest you offer some coupons and special discounts including all of your products or specific products. You can have giveaways or contests geared towards Christmas. You can also offer different payment plans that help your clients get through expenses of the season. Some ideas would be to extend the payment terms or reduce/eliminate commissions.

Lastly, it might be an interesting idea to include a purchase gift. Its value does not matter. Any detail, no matter how small, can make the difference between one brand and another. In addition to creating a positive association with the purchase, it can also help you post a new product or eliminate stock from previous seasons.

If you want to develop a marketing strategy for Christmas that will help you differentiate yourself from the competition and boost your sales at this time of year, contact The Salmon Factor. Our team of specialists will be in charge of analyzing your needs and those of the market, adapting your campaigns and ensuring that your goals are achieved both in the short and long term. This Christmas the star will be you!