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In an increasingly digitalised world, innovators of technology are putting more and more of their efforts into developing virtual tools that generate interactions from their users and create personal experiences with different brands. For this reason, the “metaverse” is currently one of the most used trending buzzwords, especially since Mark Zuckerberg has bet everything on this new reality and rebranded his company from Facebook to Meta. If you are still unsure about what the Metaverse actually is, The Salmon Factor is here with this handy guide.

What is the Metaverse?

At this point you will surely have heard of the concept of metaverse before, but what actually is it? The main purpose of the metaverse is to break down the physical barrier between reality and the virtual world using avatars that interact in cyberspace.

The origins of the metaverse come from writer Neal Stephenson who, in 1992, wrote in his novel Snow Crash of a virtual world capable of converging with the real one accessible via a special pair of glasses.

Fact or fiction?

In this virtual environment, all kinds of experiences, scenarios, objects and tools can be created in order to create an avatar in the image and likeness of their creator. Although these concepts were already being developed a few decades ago with games and apps like the legendary Habbo Hotel, in which users could interact with each other regardless of where they were in the world. The metaverse aims to go a step further by using cutting-edge technologies such as virtual or augmented reality glasses to achieve a much more immersive experience. 

The Metaverse in Marketing 

The incredible growth of the metaverse – according to different studies – will mean that in the next five years, approximately 70% of brands will have a presence in this virtual world. If you want to adapt to this new reality, you will surely be interested to learn about some of the possibilities that the metaverse can offer for your marketing strategy.

First of all, the metaverse means an improvement in positioning strategies. Nowadays, there is a great tendency to use visual tools such as photographs and screenshots, among others to look for other similar content. Similarly, the metaverse offers new opportunities for brands in terms of content marketing, as they will be able to create products linked to the virtual world. Finally, it is worth highlighting the role of advertising in gaming and virtual worlds. E Commerce is constantly looking for new channels and in recent years we have seen how brands have been able to effectively advertise through streaming, so it is not surprising that they are looking for similar opportunities within the metaverse. 

The metaverse offers, in short, new experiences to users. Thanks to this new reality, the customer is brought closer to the brand and is able to interact with the brand in a much more immersive way. Moreover, from the point of view of virtual sales, the user can enjoy a more complete service, as a result of the interaction and communication with the product and the brand. 

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