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Here at The Salmon factor we want to help you to create an excellent communication strategy and – for this reason – we wrote a list of tips to improve your Facebook business account. They are simple, but it is recommended to keep them in mind if you want to increase your reach and engagement, and thus empathize with the audience while retaining their loyalty. Whether you are a beginner or have previous experience in social media management, take note of these suggestions and you will notice a positive change!

Defining Our Audience

A good communication strategy doesn’t have to be 100% based on the brand’s necessities. This would result in a constant repetition of the sales messages, which would eventually bore the potential target audience. In addition to selling services and products, the company doesn’t only have to know its target audience properly, but it has to be empathic with it too, as spectators receive the brand’s updates. The company has to be well informed about its audience: average age, preferences, hobbies, motivations, etc. For this reason it’s important to count on a ‘buyer persona’ who identifies the necessities and habits of our audience.

Creating Original and Appealing Content

The published content is what makes us different from the others. It’s essential to create posts with remarkable creative content, not only to keep our direct audience interested, but also to differentiate ourselves from our indirect competitors. Therefore, in addition to having a website that summarizes the activity and philosophy of the company, we must have a presence on social networks and, thus, humanize our brand and get as close as possible to our target audience. Taking into account the desired tone of communication, and following the guidelines of the communication strategy, smooth communication with our audience will be ideal for fostering their engagement.

Do Not Focus on Facebook Exclusively

Even though this content is focusing on how to improve our Facebook page, it’s convenient to point out that a marketing strategy cannot be solely based on a social network. As you might know, nowadays there is a wide variety of social media in which we can start our digital journey, provided that the audience and communication strategy of our projects align with them.

From the most popular ones like Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, to the most unknown such as Google+, Slideshare or Flickr, we have many possibilities at our disposal to create a digital presence and create original and engaging content for our target audience. Indeed, it is crucial to choose wisely which profiles will be ours and to plan the communication strategy for each of them.

Planning and Managing on a Daily Basis

One of the most common mistakes we make – in general on social networks – and in particular on Facebook, is to consider that if we publish several times a week, the job is done. Wrong! In addition to posting some content, it is required to manage the digital community receiving it, by replying to people’s comments and encouraging them to follow our brand’s profile.

Therefore, if we want to build long-term user loyalty, we must make a constant daily effort. Remember that most  just give a ‘like’ and don’t engage further with the brand. Try to avoid this by grabbing their attention with original comments that will make them come back to your profile!