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Halloween, which translates into English as “All Hallows’ Eve”, is a playful holiday celebrated during the night of October 31. We all agree that it became a date marked on every calendar, thus it’s interesting to contemplate the idea of preparing a corporate-level marketing campaign. Do you feel uninspired and you still don’t know what campaign to prepare for this year? You are just in time! Take note of the following ideas to plan a Halloween marketing campaign, and take advantage of this day to attract your users’ attention, offering them an entertaining and unique content on such an important date:

1. Include a new category on your blog

Creating an original and, at the same time, interesting content can attract more traffic to your website. In the storytelling era, in which we find ourselves, it is key to offer a story to tell, and this party is the perfect excuse to build fictitious characters and develop a script that attracts and entertains the audience. In this sense, you can customize a product or a service to make it the true protagonist of your Halloween marketing campaign.

2. Launch a themed hashtag

Hashtags – as a viral tool – are a key part of the marketing strategy for Halloween. Something that is highly recommended is the identification of keywords associated with your brand, and its personalization with the purpose of launching specific concepts. As a vital part of Instagram or Twitter, the thematic hashtag offers you the possibility of creating clever concepts, which is ideal to post on social networks. In this regard, that is the perfect way to extend an original message, or to easily engage your community of digital users on such a special day.

3. Prepare an email marketing campaign

Another option is to prepare an online marketing campaign to send all your users an email with specific promotions for this special date. Similarly to other days that are marked on the calendar (such as Cyber Monday), the 31st of October is an ideal occasion to provide your potential customers with some offers related to a brand’s products or services. It consists of a one-day campaign which, however, will be able to generate an increase in the sales contemplated by the business.

4. Conduct a ‘Terror Quiz’ on users

This is a marketing strategy increasingly used by brands. The idea is based on giving users a quiz with questions and answers related to the theme of terror; through this test, users will be able to discover a multitude of creative curiosities: with which horror character their personality is associated, what Halloween costume would suit them best, or how many details they know about this playful holiday. The final goal is to achieve user interaction while offering an entertainment activity related to Halloween; all of this, by taking advantage of the current attraction of this day, and by providing valuable content to empathize with the potential customer.

5. Create an attractive thematic video

Audiovisual content in social networks is a sure hit. Currently, it is estimated that 80% of Internet data consumption is in video format. In this sense, raising a video topic related to your brand can be an interesting alternative. In this case it would be necessary to adapt its format and duration to each communication channel – uploading a video to your YouTube channel is not the same as posting one on your Instagram feed – because it is possible to achieve a greater visual impact in this way. Keep in mind that these videos can be linked to the brand’s website or blog to redirect visitor traffic to your own site.

Finally, we can celebrate Halloween in many ways. In any case, it’s appealing to take advantage of the occasion to create original content that attracts the attention of our audience; we could even customize one of our products for sale with a touch of ‘terror’, as Burger King did with its special hamburger for Halloween whose slogan was “Nail it with your fangs”. Therefore, if you have not yet decided which marketing campaign to carry out for your brand, now is the time to do it.