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It’s summertime! And, as with any other important dates like Christmas, big brands are launching new advertising campaigns. Summer is synonymous with holidays and happiness, so brands are playing to the general positivity which surrounds this time of year. So, what is the secret of all these advertising campaigns? We can say that, broadly speaking, the use of music, slogans and catchy phrases. The Salmon Factor would like to celebrate the arrival of this sunny season by remembering some of the most iconic summer adverts in the recent history of television.

Estrella Damm

There isn’t a summer which goes by without this well-known beer brand releasing a storytelling advert that keeps us all glued to the TV screen. After Estrella’s successes in 2019 and 2020 with their campaigns focusing on caring for the environment, in 2021 they focused on three summer common themes: heat, beach and friends sharing good times while enjoying a beer. Good vibes, music and the beauty of Menorca’s Mediterranean coves come alive in an ad entitled “Love at first sight”, featuring actors Mario Casas and Mireia Oriol along with the song “A ver qué pasa” (Let’s see what happens). 

But this is not the only ad launched last year by this brand. It is worth mentioning the advert “Chefs”, which featured Spanish chefs like Ferran Adrià, Joan Roca and Dabiz Muñoz,  calling for the importance of supporting our gastronomy in the wake of the pandemic. 

La Casera

La Casera’s summer ad campaigns are another of the most eagerly awaited events every year. In 2015 they introduced us to the Sandoval family, a large, fun and peculiar family that meets at this time of the year to enjoy a meal together by the pool.

Last year they decided to give their classic ads a little twist, though without losing the brand’s characteristic humor. In the advert, a girl asks for “La Casera by itself” and one of her friends asks her if she is going to drink it alone. To this, another girl replies: “Not alone, with you”, pointing to each of the customers in the bar. The main objective of this campaign is to show La Casera as a light drink that can be enjoyed on its own, as it is a soft drink with 0% calories and 0% sugars, which responds to the new trends of today’s consumers.


Although Kalise is a brand that continues to innovate when it comes to advertising its wide variety of ice creams, this time we want to go back several years, specifically to 2011. You will of course remember the previous year, when Spain won the 2010 World Cup final against the Netherlands, after a goal by Iniesta four minutes before the end of extra time. In short, it is not surprising that the figure of Andrés Iniesta and his famous “Kalise para todos” (Kalise for everyone) shocked an entire country. 

However, this is not the only time that Kalise has used well-known faces to promote its products. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of their famous victory, the footballer from Albacete reappeared in 2020 in a new Kalise advert, together with comedians Dani Rovira and Goyo Jiménez.


Who doesn’t remember Movistar’s “What an idea, what an idea”? Believe it or not, this advert hit our screens in 2007. Covering the legendary song by Pino D’Angio, Movistar presented a new feature in their summer tariffs, offering its users free calls at weekends. Movistar is well known for its many interpretations of famous songs. Thanks to Movistar’s interpretations of these classic songs, it manages to attract both an older audience, who fondly remember the songs, and a younger population, who end up humming their tunes.

If we’ve learnt one thing, it’s that summer adverts create trends and manage to stay in the memory of viewers for years and years. In addition, nowadays it is much easier for companies to reach a larger number of users through social networks such as Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook, as millions of pieces of content are shared daily. We would definitely encourage you to pay attention to any new brand advertising campaigns during the summer season, as they are full of illusion and good vibes.