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The role of community manager is quite prominent nowadays in companies, but do we really know what the main function of the CM is in a marketing strategy? Or what their objectives are? Today we are going to be clarifying any doubts you may have about what a community manager actually does and how important they can be in a marketing strategy.

Purpose of the Community Manager

If we had to define what the purpose of a community manager is, we would say that they  are communication professionals whose main function is to build and manage the online community that represents a brand on the Internet. The main duties of a community manager involve creating online content, planning promotions and communicating directly with users. All of these responsibilities are focused on increasing the company’s visibility on digital platforms like search engines and social networks.

Functions of a Community Manager

The Community Manager navigates between online communication along with digital marketing management and implementing the communication strategy of a business. As the person responsible for managing the digital community, the CM will have to meet a series of general and specific objectives. The functions developed by the Community Manager in a communication strategy can be summarized in 4 areas:

1) Content creation and management

2) Analysis and monitoring of statistics

3) Contact with the digital community

4) Planning of marketing strategy

Objectives of a Community Manager

To improve a brand’s visibility on social media, the community manager needs to meet a series of objectives that will ensure a loyal brand following, promote traffic to the business website, as well as resolve queries or complaints sent by users. Therefore, if we make a list of short, medium and long term objectives of the CM we get these goals:

  • Improving the digital visibility of the brand in search engines and social networks and taking care of its reputation.
  • Growing the digital community by creating quality and valuable content.
  • Generating more web traffic to achieve more sales, counting the total number of visits derived from the management of social networks to the corporate website or commercial landing.
  • Establishing close relationships with customers, subscribers and industry influencers.
  • Customer service

Methodology of a Community Manager

Like any professional dedicated to the world of communication, the Community Manager must follow a methodology to achieve their goals.To reach their objectives, the community manager must base their actions on good practices and ethical behavior.