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The world is digital, and you’ll probably agree with us that appearing in the top positions of Internet search engines represents a great advantage for any brand. In this regard, improving the online positioning, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is essential to increase the visibility of your website and to achieve a greater reach. Here at The Salmon Factor we want to share with you this compilation of five strategies that will prove helpful to boost traffic to your website while improving your search engine ranking.

1. Choose the proper keywords

When planning any strategy, one of the key points is to identify which needs and preferences the potential users and customers might have, since orienting your actions towards them always proves to be the best way to achieve good results. Therefore, it is of great help to conduct thorough research on relevant keywords for both your business and your audience.

In this line, there are several ways to spot keywords. The first of them is to use Google’s search engine directly. Another one is to use special tools, such as Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush, which help you to determine keywords with high search volume.

Finally, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the term ‘buyer persona’, as this consumer archetype can be of significant aid when it comes to personalizing the content addressed to potential users.

2. Offer valuable content

Although this may seem obvious, brands tend to neglect their content over time. This is usually due to various causes: lack of strategic planning, excessive focus on the competition, or even resource scarcity.

Here are some tips to help you creating high-quality content that attracts your audience: include the aforementioned keywords, utilize headings and tags to improve content readability, adapt the content to the individual needs of users, collaborate with other brands offering products or services that align with your target audience (also to expand your reach), and include educational content (podcasts, guides, tutorials) or any other type of material that you consider useful and relevant to your audience.

3. Optimize your website

Have you managed to create valuable and high-quality content but are not achieving the results you expected? You should probably pay deeper attention to your website.

Search engines follow their own rules and tend to value certain aspects that you may have overlooked. These simple tricks can assist you to correctly optimize your website:

  • Include keywords in the URL, avoiding special characters.
  • Choose captivating and relevant meta descriptions.
  • Add images or videos to attract users.
  • Adapt your website to mobile devices.
  • Optimize the page load time to improve the user’s experience.

4. Be relevant on social media

There’s no doubt that social networks are today one of the most powerful tools for any company: they allow us to build relationships, to raise visibility, and to help the creation of brands’ identities.

This popularity has made the competition on social media quite high; that’s why we recommend you not to limit yourself to creating a profile on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Also LinkedIn and TikTok can be very useful according to the following aspects: field of activity, audience, goals. Even though at the beginning you’ll probably need to adapt your content – and even invest in resources – these networks will eventually allow you to offer different and engaging content.

5. Keep in mind the reviews

Reviews not only help you promote your brand online, they are also compulsory. The customers are your best ‘influencers’, since they give their honest and real opinion of your products and service. The greatest strength of reviews lies in their credibility and trustworthiness, as the experiences of real users account for much greater empathy than paid collaborations or advertisements.

It should be noted that not every review has the same influence on online positioning: the more detailed and authentic they are, the more valuable they will be. As a brand, it is fundamental to spend time reading and answering the users’ judgments because – in addition to being a channel for interacting with your audience – these reviews help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand.

Lastly, we want to emphasize the fact that effort and consistency are required if we want to improve the online positioning for our brand. This implies that the ranking should be taken care of continuously; therefore, monitoring it will facilitate us to make the necessary adjustments and improvements to achieve optimal results. Contact The Salmon Factor if you need counseling for this task. Our professional team will assist you to increase your website traffic and to enhance your search engine positioning by using the current best practices of SEO.