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In recent years technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds. Initially it was thought that only the IT sector was benefitting from these advances, however now it seems that almost all sectors are benefitting from this technological progress.

For marketers, data plays a crucial role in helping make decisions and implementing strategy. So, what should we bear in mind if we want to keep up to date with ICT and incorporate them into our working methods?

For starters, we should not lose sight of the following thematic areas and concepts.

Composable data

This term relates to composable infrastructure and how it is used to access the information generated by data centers and the cloud in a simpler and more direct way.

Data fabric

Data fabric’s main function is to help organizations manage their data. In other words, it facilitates the management of data that is increasingly diffuse, diverse and distributed. Normally it is normally used with the cloud, with the aim of unifying all the information of companies and entities.

Wide Data

We all know Big Data as a way of storing user data on the Internet and social networks. bIG data is essential for any company, marketer or ICT expert, as it helps to better understand the consumer or potential customer.

Nowadays, it has evolved and Wide Data has arrived, providing a greater variety of data and more specific. That is, it is the way to tabulate and manage data within Big Data, allowing a simpler and wider generation of tables with user results.

The Consumer

For some years now, the consumer has taken the leading role in advertising and marketing. The opinion and how the consumer feels about the strategies taken by the companies is the main concern of the companies.

And with all the information from data and analysis processes has appeared: the augmented consumer. Thanks to them, we can have a clearer user profile, create personalized insights and hit on their specific interests. Therefore, all the information gathering and all the new tools we have mentioned above will allow organizations to have a more accurate and complete view of the consumer they want to reach.

Marketing trends have also evolved and thanks to technology we can do it hand in hand. For example, we can create valuable content for the user thanks to Wide Data, which will allow us to know what their exact interests are and we can detect specific insights in which they can feel identified, thus capturing all their interest.

Another simple and fast way that can bring innovation to our organization is the voice assistant. There are many types and each brand has already developed its own. They can help us to find everything we need just by recognizing our voice. In addition, it can also help us to collect and store information by creating a private cloud that we can access immediately thanks to Composable data.